Sykes Hall Ribbons and Premiums

  • Entries are judged within each Class and age group. For example, all Junior chocolate cupcake entries (Division 4, Class 2) are judged as a group, and would not be competing against the Senior or the Open chocolate cupcake entries.
  • Placements from 1st through 6th place, for Junior, Senior, and Open entries, will receive ribbons. Further placings may be recorded at the discretion of the judges but will not receive a ribbon.
  • Cloverbud exhibitors will receive Participation ribbons for all of their entries.
  • Best Junior, Best Senior, and Best Open entry for each Division are awarded an additional special ribbon.
  • Premiums are cash prizes given to 1st through 3rd place ribbon winners in each age group, for each Class. Winning entries will receive $4 for first place, $3 for second place, and $2 for third place, with the exception of 4-H Project Books (Division 25).
  • 4-H Project Book (Division 25) entries will be judged using the 4-H Record Book Scorecard and given a numerical score accordingly. The entries will then be placed and awarded ribbons in the same manner as all other classes.
  • Premiums for the 4-H Project Books (Division 25) are $8 for 1st place, $6 for 2nd place, and $4 for 3rd place for Junior and Senior classes.
  • Overall Champion 4-H Project Books (Division 25) in each age group, Junior and Senior, will receive an additional $25 in special premiums and a rosette ribbon.
  • The 1st place winner of the 4-H/FFA Club scrapbook (Division 18, Class 2) also receives $25 in special premiums, payable to the Club, and a rosette ribbon.
  • Winner of Open Cake Grand Champion will receive $25 in special premiums.
  • Winner of each Junior and Senior Cake Grand Champion will receive the proceeds from the auctioning of their cakes, minus an auction fee.
  • Total premiums less than $25 will be paid in cash and must be collected during the fair from the fair office between July 28 and July 30.
  • Total premiums $25 and above shall be paid via check and will be mailed to the exhibitor.

All judging and placements are at the discretion of the judges and are considered final.