Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a resident of Loudoun County to enter an exhibit?

Open exhibitors do not need to be residents of Loudoun County. 4-H youth exhibitors must be registered members of a Loudoun County 4-H club. Youth exhibitors ages 8-15 who are not members of a Loudoun County 4-H club can enter as open youth exhibitors.

How do I pay for my entries?

Only credit card payments will be accepted online during the registration process. If you encounter any issues with payment, please contact the Showcase committee at

Can I register onsite after the deadline?

There will be no onsite registrations. Registration entries will only be accepted online until 11:00 pm on July 16, 2024. Entries not registered by this deadline will not be accepted during the drop off days.

Can I add more entries after my initial registration?

Yes, you may continue to add entries and pay for them through the July 16 deadline.

Can I enter a new item during drop off?

No, only pre-registered entries made online will be accepted at drop off.

Can I enter the same item in two or more classes?

Exhibitors may only enter an item in one class.

I have a cake entry and a photography entry. May I drop both off on one day?

Exhibitors may bring all their registered entries in all divisions on Saturday, July 20 during drop off hours. However, only entries in Divisions 1-6 and Division 11 will be accepted on Sunday, July 21 during drop off hours. Other division entries will not be accepted on Sunday.

Can I enter items that were entered in a prior fair that did not place?

Items that have been exhibited in past years at the Loudoun County Fair, whether they placed or not, may not be entered again.

I am not certain which class category to use to submit my entry. How can I get help deciding the proper division to use?

Send a detailed description of your item to the Showcase Committee at After the committee has reviewed your information, we will provide our recommended category entry. Please allow 48 hours for a response. 

I have an item I want to enter but the class category is not listed on the Catalog of Exhibits. How can I enter my item?

At this time, we can only accept entries listed in the catalog. However, you may send a request to the Showcase Chair at to consider your class category in future fairs.

I am having problems with FairEntry. What do I do?

If you need to reset your password or encounter any other technical issue while using FairEntry, please contact the committee at

I have more questions and need more information. Who do I contact?

Send an email to with your questions. Our volunteers will do their best to reply within 48 hours