The 2024 Loudoun County Fair is dedicated to John Mosesso!

It is both an honor and a privilege to dedicate this year’s Loudoun County Fair to a remarkable individual, John Mosesso. For over a decade, John has been a cornerstone of our fair community, starting from the simple act of manning the ticket booths at the recommendation of his friend and neighbor, Claire.

When I joined the Board and the Fair Committee eight years ago, I was fortunate enough to work closely with John. He wasn’t just helping manage ticketing; he was making sure every visitor felt welcomed from the moment they stepped up to the gate.

John is a unique volunteer. He is not here because of personal or business ties to the agricultural community—he is here because of his unwavering love for THIS community. His commitment comes without the expectation of any tangible benefits. He simply gives his time, his energy, and, most of all, his heart, to ensure our fair thrives.

In getting to know John, one quickly realizes the breadth of his dedication. He may seem like he’s all over the place, but that’s because he is everywhere he’s needed, all at once. Even when faced with challenges—and I admit, at times from myself—he has shown nothing but resilience and kindness. His spirit remains undeterred, a testament to his incredible character.

Behind the scenes, John is the unsung hero who makes the fair run smoothly. Many may not see all he does, but today, we shine a spotlight on his efforts. We recognize the invisible load he carries and the visible joy he brings to all of us who attend and cherish this fair.

John, on behalf of the entire Loudoun County Fair community and all those who benefit from your tireless efforts, we thank you. We are all deeply grateful for your decade of service, your boundless energy, and your kind heart. Thank you for being the backbone of this event and for showing us all what true dedication looks like.

Today, as we celebrate the fair, we celebrate you. You embody the spirit of community and volunteerism that makes the Loudoun County Fair a highlight of our year.

Thank you, John, for everything.

Your Fair family

John Mosesso

Beginning in 1963, a Fair Dedication was made to an individual, family or business that had served the Fair and the 4-H program in an outstanding way.  We express our sincere appreciation to all those recognized for their commitment to our community.


1963 – Eugene Sykes 1984 – The Frank Keesling Family 2005 – Mike Wieben
1964 – Robert J. McCray 1985 – “Golden Anniversary” year. Dedicated to all who made the past 50 years possible. 2006 – Steuart Weller
1965 – Frank W. McComb 1986 – Loudoun Times Mirror & WAGE Radio 2007 – Mary & Mitch Miller
1966 – Lawrence H. Taylor & Marvin Simpson 1987 – Juanita & Caroline Graham / Helen White 2008 – Marty Beamer
1967 – William I. Whitmore 1988 – Edgar Tillet 2009 – Terry Corle
1968 – J. Lupton Simpson 1989 – William H. Harrison 2010 – John Smith
1969 – Ellen “Granny” Stowers 1990 – Carol S. McComb 2011 – Dan Virts
1970 – Mr. & Mrs. William Cockerill 1991 – Henry Stowers 2012 – The Robert Kimble Family
1971 – Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dillon 1992 – W. Jack Brown 2013 – Jim Colbert
1972 – W. R. “Dot” Heasley 1993 – James R. Wordsworth 2014 – Mike Bramhall
1973 – W. Jack Brown 1994 – Jim & Edna Cross 2015 – Robert Miller
1974 – Mr. & Mrs. Charles Fletcher 1995 – Elsie Maylott & Barbara Sidwar 2016 – Kevin & Reece Murray
1975 – The Ernest Herndon Family 1996 – The Homer Thompson Family 2017 – Doug & Stephanie Fidler
1976 – Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Arnold 1997 – Barbara Jennings 2018 – Claire Griffith
1977 – The William Moreland Family 1998 – Jane McCall 2019 – Faith Barney
1978 – Mr. & Mrs. R. Nelson Ashby 1999 – Eddie & Marty Potts 2021 – Kim & Rodney Monroe
1979 – Francis, Virginia, & David Peacock 2000 – Tommy & Tamma Payne 2022 – The Ketterman Family
1980 – Henry & Gladys Creele 2001 – Richard & Laura Brown 2023 – Cindy Huddleston
1981 – Barbara Baird 2002 – Dr. George Washington 2024 – John Mosesso
1982 – Dan Clemons 2003 – Bob & Ann Hereford
1983 – Mabel Rollinson 2004 – Bob Tillet & Craig Damewood