Exhibitor Requirements



  • Exhibitors will adhere to all rules and requirements outlined under Exhibitor Requirements, Registration Information, and Catalog of Exhibits.
  • Open adult and open youth exhibitors who register and submit exhibits are considered amateurs who practice their craft for enjoyment and enthusiasm.
  • Professional individuals are those who are paid and make their livelihood from their creations. Any entries submitted by professionals will be disqualified without refund of fees.


  • Exhibitors are divided into the following groups: Open Youth, Open Adult, Cloverbud, Junior, and Senior.
  • Open exhibitors are all adults and youth that are not currently enrolled in Loudoun County 4-H. They are eligible for placement ribbons and premiums regardless of age.
  • There is only one open youth class (ages 8-15), and exhibitors shall base their ages as of September 30, 2024.
  • Cloverbud, Junior, and Senior exhibitors are youth members of Loudoun County 4-H clubs.
  • 4-H Youth are enrolled as exhibitors based on their ages, as of September 30, 2024. Cloverbuds are 5 through 8 years of age. Juniors are 9 through 13 years of age. Seniors are 14 through 19 years of age.
  • All Cloverbuds are considered non-competitive and will receive participation ribbons for their exhibits. They are not eligible for premiums.


  • Each exhibitor may only enter 1 entry per class.
  • Additional requirements for exhibit entries, display, and presentations are described in the Catalog of Exhibits.
  • Exhibitors may not enter an item that was exhibited in a prior year.
  • Entries may be disqualified without refund of fees if entered in the wrong Class or if they do not meet the requirements listed, such as size, proper container, amount, or display requirements.
  • Entries shall have no identifying marks that would allow the judges to discover the identity of the exhibitor. If an identifying mark exists within a piece, it must be covered by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibits must hold together for judging and moving by Showcase volunteers for display arrangement following judging. Showcase volunteers are not responsible for exhibits that easily fall apart but will do their best to reconstruct the exhibit.
  • All judging and placements are at the discretion of the judges and are considered final.
  • IMPORTANT! All entries must remain on display for the duration of the Loudoun County Fair. Exhibits may be picked up beginning on Sunday, July 28. Exhibits not picked up by 5:00pm on Tuesday, July 30 will be discarded.
  • Loudoun County Fair assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits from any cause; only upon this condition will entries be accepted.